The shapes of the spirituality.

Beyond of a fashion accessory.

In one of my previews blogs, I talk you about the meaning of some of the symbols on these bracelets that the Wounaan make. Here I am going to resume them briefly and complement with some others.

“Montaña” (The Mountain), it means nature, and family, this is the spirit that keeps them together.

“Piel de serpiente” (Snakeskin), those rhombuses represent strength.

My favorite one, “Las escaleras” (The Stairs), they represent your goals and dreams, this is very important to have it with you, because we forget that our goal is done already, we do not see it, but it is there, and this is a reminder for that.

“Las olas” (the waves), these waves are life and dynamism that come with the river. For the ‘Wounaan’ the river is fount of life and fertility, this is the spirit that provides prosperity in your live.

“Quinceañeras”: in Latinamerica, we call quinceañeras to the girls that are becoming 15 years old. This is the youth spirit.

“Cajo Khaa”, the Good Spirit on which they trust the protection. The ‘Wounaan’ places this symbol not only on their accessories, but also on different places in the house, then the “Cajo Khaa” covers their home with his spirit.

Finally, “Las ventanas de la ciudad”, The windows of the city. This is the way they visually express the big cities. As this indigenous group is originally from the mountains, they use this symbol to tell when someone comes from a big city.

Their symbolism is as wide as a language, and these are the few I have with me. I´ll continue learning their worldview and sharing with you as I do it.

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