The worldview behind these bracelets

From the simplicity of nature's expressions to the spirit of protection, these creations are made with wisdom and magic.

The Wounaan, an indigenous community from Colombia, work with this fiber called 'Werregue'. It is their main income resource, they make not only the bracelets and hoops that you see on my website, but also they make other decoration products like lamps, plates and beautiful bowls that I'd like to bring here in the future.

Everything has a meaning, the colors tell stories about their identity and the patterns have a deep symbology denotation.

These are 'the stairs', meaning your goals and dreams, they wear them to remind to their inner being that even if you cannot see it, you have already accomplished those goals.

The rhombuses on the left represent the snakeskin. For the 'Wounaan' the snake is a very dangerous animal, but there is a myth that tells the story of two twins that were born to save the Wounaan from the ferocity of this animal. They died killing this strong snake and that is what the snakeskin means, tenacity and strength.

There are more symbols that I want to talk about, and also the meaning that the different colors have for the 'Wounaan'. For now, I'll finish talking about 'the mountain', this symbol represents the nature, the place where they go to get the food, hunting and fishing, and as they do all these activities together, 'mountain' means the place where they commute together, it symbolizes family and union.

I encourage you to share this story with your friends and to think about the beauty of these accessories the next time you want to give something unique to yourself.

I'll talk you later :-)

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