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Starting has been my biggest step

JuaJua is not just an online store. Behind each handcrafted item, there are a lot of  talented hands that are weaving magic threads, sculpting leathers, and contributing their hard work and creativity to each piece.

My name is Fio, I have been developing this store since I arrived from Colombia in November, 2016. My desire is to be an entrepreneur, bringing to the world unique fashion accessories created by the hands of artisans.

I grew up wearing apparel made in Colombia; my clothes were made by the local dressmaker, and the accessories I used were made by the people of the different indigenous communities or the artisans who worked on the main street in my city.

Being here, far away from my Country, makes me miss those organic textures and colors, the uniqueness of those creations. JuaJua was created not only to bring these beautiful artisans creations to the world, but also to support the artisan communities, which nowadays are being forgotten.

This is only the beginning. I've begun to build relationships with some of the artisans but have been buying their products from a distance. Going forward I'll continue to build stronger relationships with them and we'll work together to create the products that our customers enjoy most.

This is a dream I want to turn into reality, I hope you like these accessories as much as I do.

Muchas gracias,

@fbarrerita @juajuamia

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