Stairs Bracelet
Stairs Bracelet
Stairs Bracelet

Stairs Bracelet

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The artisans strengthen culture and wisdom through their artistic works and each of these patterns communicates part of their ancestral symbolism.

THE STAIRS: represent your goals and dreams. This symbol gives you the power of having accomplished your projects even when you can't see them.

Material: Werregue palm tree fiber.

Artisan: Indigenous Wounaan
Primary color: Ivory
Secondary colors: black
Dimensions: diameter 3 1/2", width 1 3/4"

Interior: diameter 2 5/8”

Do you know that each of these products is ethically sourced? Yes, they are, and you support our donations to this Community not only by buying them, but also because you and me are helping them to do not lose their identity while we communicate their wisdom. Thank you