Here is a little bit about me!

I think this photo represents more than one of my personality aspects.

To start with me trying to look like a professional model, while I am not even close to that (well I discovered that we are models in so many ways), but anyways I found on Juajua’s project an excuse to try to model hehehehe. I’m a very shy with the camera, it seems like I’m not, but I care so much about what others think and that has always inhibited me.

I launched my website just when the pandemic started, because I wasn’t really confident about my idea before and as I’ve been doing all the activities by myself, I felt on the perfectionism hole, plus a little bit of procrastination too.

With the pandemic and the needed to do be productive, I started to saw face masks, and I found that I could feel confident selling masks rather than “superficial” fashion accessories, which are not really superficial for me, my family and friends know that I find magic on the handmade products, and  that I want to impact on the communities that make them, but the origin of all this will make me talk too much, so going back to the photo, there is me trying to be a model, wearing one of the masks I make and on the one bellow, I was just learning, my mom tough me how to use the sawing machine back on march, and here I go, nos I am an expert making masks hehhehehe.

Thank you guys! Keep going with your goals too, and let me know on your comments how this pandemic has change your lives! talk you next week.

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