From a traditional bag to a most have fashion accessory.

Once you meet a "guarniel", its unique design, and organic textures, you feel that you most have one for you.

When I started thinking about JuaJua, I reached out the most traditional family, that are still making these traditional bags in Jericó, Antioquia, where this traditional "guarniel" is from.

They are the Agudelo family. They have worked with leather for more than 60 years, preserving thru three generations this beautiful and essential piece for coffee growers, muleteers and peasants.

And yes, we are talking about men, these bags have been traditionally worn by men; muleteers to carry all what is necessary during their days in the mountains. And here is where its other name, "carrieles" comes from. Apparently the foreign people who settled in the region called them "carryall", and the locals figured this new word out, "carriel".

Nowadays the Agudelo family has a store called 'Carrielarte', where they sell not only traditional "guarnieles", they have created new designs of this "guarniel", modern styles but, preserving their traditional characteristics, and also wallets, backpacks, and much more.

This stunning and unique piece is not only history, it's a must-have fashion accessory that nowadays women and men wear in Colombia.

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