Color inspiration and identity, learning how to dress like mother earth.

What you see here, on these photos, are a ‘Mola’ and a ‘Wayuu’ hat. I am going to talk you about the  ‘Molas’. These fabric handmade designs are made by the ‘Gunadule’ women, known as well as ‘Kunas’.

My mom and I have been making a hat design with these two beautiful creations. I’ll show you next week the result. But keep readiding to learn more about these colorful creations.

The ‘Gunadule’ women are the protectors of the ‘Molas’, so they can preserve over the time their identity and culture.

The origin of these ‘Molas’ dates from a mythological history that tells that the ‘Neles’, they are the ‘Guanadule’ spiritual leaders, tried to travel to the ‘Galus’ (sacred places that exist in the different layers of the ‘Guanadule’ universe), but the women on charge of protecting the ‘Galus’, did not allow them to enter. Only, a woman called Nagegiryai, was able to enter in the ‘Galus’. " She was the first woman to travel to the other surfaces of the universe and the only one to access the wisdom of the ‘molas’.

During this trip, Nagegiryai visit the ‘Galus’ called “SabbiMolanalamaggale” and “Dugbis”, where she learned the ‘Molas’ language to be taught through songs to the ‘Guanadule’ women. From this moment on, this language has been an ancestral knowledge that is communicated from generation to generation. With the shapes of the nature; the animals and the clouds that change on the sky, they have taught within the community how to dress like mother earth.

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