Conexión territorio
Conexión territorio
Conexión territorio

Conexión territorio

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“Conexion territorio”, it is the name and meaning of this symbol.

The “Embera Chami”, like any other indigenous community, honor their traditions, and do not forget their connection with their territory and the predominant shapes and vegetation from this place.

These earrings are handcrafted by the 'Embera Chami'indigenous group from 'Risaralda', Colombia.   

Artisan: Embera Chami, Arte Embera 

Material: glass beads, do not get scratched 

Primary color: gold

Secondary colors: black.

Dimensions: high 3 1/2 ", width 1 1/2 ".

The Model: Angie Tatiana Guatiqui Arce, artisan leader. Her main role in his community, is to investigate and study the ancestral knowledge.

She is also studying Accounting and she is in charge of the book keeping of their business.

Photography by Edilson Taningama.