Wisdom Werregue Handbag
Wisdom Werregue Handbag
Wisdom Werregue Handbag
Wisdom Werregue Handbag

Wisdom Werregue Handbag

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This group of indigenous Wounan, only women weavers, created these purses in asossiation with the *"Corporacion Mundial de la mujer Colombia" with the objetive of include a new line of products that beside the basckets and ornamets that they make, could open a diferent market and help them to keep doing what they have learned from their ancestors.

The symbol on this handbag is “Conocimiento”, meaning in English "knowledge". Whith two very important connotations. Geography where they live gets permanenly flooded, spetially during the rainy season, consecuentaly all their houses are elevated and have stairs at the entrance. The spirituality behind the Stairs is linked to to the dreams and internal growth.

Bag dimentions: L: 15" W: 4"  H: 11.5"

Handle: circumference 8 3/8"

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Artisan: Wounaan community, atisan leader: Yadira Malaga

Technique: woven chocolatillo.

Origin: Puerto Pizario, Buenaventura, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Materials: The body of the bag is chocolatillo fiber, inside fabric of 50% viscosa & 50% poliester, handles are bade of werregue fiber, and the finishes are leather.

*English translation: Colombian Women's World Corporation

Primary color: Black

Secondary colors: Beige